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Q & A

Q & A

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  • 1. How can I be sure that I will get my pet’s ashes back?
    We do not remove any pet from a residence or a clinic without proper identification. A paper identification tag is placed on your pet as well as a numbered stainless steel tag that will accompany your pet through the entire cremation process. During the cremation process, the paper tag is kept next to the crematory equipment so that the operator can positively identify your pet’s remains when cremation is completed. The stainless tag is returned to the pet owner together with the paper tag which indicates time and day of cremation, together with weight of cremated remains.
  • 2. Can I be present and observe during the cremation procedure?
    Absolutely. Pet owners who wish to be present are always welcome. In our office, we have a viewing window in which the pet owner can observe the entire cremation procedure, or any portion that you choose. We request appointments for observing. A modest fee will apply for scheduled cremations.
  • 3. When can I have my pet returned to me?
    We cremate all pets brought to our facility within two business days. We do not “store” pets at our facility unless special arrangements have been made with the owner. Your pet’s cremated remains may be returned to the veterinary clinic or picked up at our facility.
  • 4. Can I make pre-arrangements?
    Yes. Please call our offices 941-355-6000 and schedule an appointment to discuss this.
  • 5. What is the definition of “individual” cremation?
    Individual cremation is when the pet crematory uses trays and/or bricks to separate pets in the cremation chamber. Sarasota Pet Crematory only performs Private cremations or Communal.
  • 6. Does my pet have to be placed in an urn?
    All pets cremated at our facility are placed in our standard urn, unless you choose another type urn from our selection. We offer many styles including handmade wooden urns, metal urns and ceramic urns. Please view our website under “Products” to see what we carry and/or call (941) 355-6000 for information.
  • 7. Do you offer paw impressions, and/or any other memorialization?"
    Yes. Ceramic clay paw impressions are available (see sample under Product tab). Cremation jewelry is also offered and can be viewed upon our website under the Products tab.
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