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Health Self-Assessment Tool

This tool was designed to help RPP teams assess their own functioning and provide language for identifying how you can improve your partnership over time.

Results from our Annual Community Survey

We administer an annual survey to our community of projects seeking their feedback about our community, as well as their experiences working in an RPP and the perceived efficaciousness of the methodology. We ask some direct questions about advice that PIs would give to incoming projects that may be worth your time to review. 2020 Full Report 2019 Summary | 2019 Full Report

Searchable RPP Database and Maps

This database allows you to search through our existing community of projects on a range of characteristics. You can use this resource to find people who are geographically close to you, working on a similar problem of practice, working with a similar student or teacher population, and more! The first map, "Projects by Research Team" shows the dispersion of project PIs across the country. The second map, "Projects by Implementation Location" demonstrates the distribution of projects by the proposed state of implementation.

*Note: these features are only availible for viewing on your desktop. Sorry for any inconvinence!

Monthly Newsletters

Each month the RPPforCS team produces a newsletter that is chock-full of updates, announcements, deadlines and dates for conferences and other opportunities, as well as share-outs from our community of projects.

Monthly Webinars

We host monthly topical webinars that feature experts, community members, and other organizations. These webinars address both pressing issues for RPPs and topical problems in Computer Science Education. For most webinars we have a video recording of the presentation and discussion, public-facing slides, as well as notes documents from our breakout sessions. About RPPforCS 2020

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Research Practice Briefs

Periodically we’ll interview a small number of community members about a particular phenomena within the projects (for instance, culturally responsive computing, engaging women and girls, or utilizing the health self-assessment tool) and create a short Research Practice Brief (RPB). These briefs are intended to give a quick snapshot of what’s going on inside various projects.

Websites We Refer to Often

Pre-RESPECT Workshop Projects

​We are so very proud to highlight some of the great products that came out of our communities efforts through the Spring 2020 RESPECT conference :

  • ECS Community Meeting: Shared Research, Shared Data (Coming soon!)


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