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At Sarasota Pet Crematory, we understand that veterinarians have a business to run. And, you have choices when you choose your pet cremation partner. Because of this, we offer the area’s highest level of service to our veterinary clientele:


We pick up animals daily, many times within hours of passing, so your facilities are not overcrowded. Learn more about transporting animals to our facility by calling 941-355-6000.


We know our veterinary clientele have a business to run, and that cremation is a service you offer to your customers. We offer the most competitive pricing in the area.


We boast Sarasota’s cleanest pet cremation facility. We welcome pet owner or veterinary tours and even have a separate viewing area for grieving pet owners.


Because we perform our cremations on-site, we can offer an unparalleled guarantee. We guarantee that cremated pets will be handled with the utmost dignity, and we keep our word that private cremations are PRIVATE.

This means that you, as one of our veterinary clientele, can make the very same guarantee to your customers, protecting your reputation. Though this is a difficult time for grieving pet owners, we will ensure that our cremation process is as positive of an experience as possible. We give pet owners and veterinarians peace of mind.


Sarasota Pet Crematory holds the license required for removal of deceased pets which the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture requires. SPC is also an Accredited member of the IAOPCC (International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories) and abides by their Code of Ethics of February 2016, SPC is the only accredited facility on the Southwest coast of Florida with this award.

Contact Sarasota Pet Crematory to learn more, make an appointment or obtain pricing.

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