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A private cremation is when your pet is gently and respectfully placed in the cremation machine and cremated alone. At no time are there any other pets inside the cremation equipment except your pet. The remains at the end of the cremation cycle belong only to your pet and you will receive all of the remains. Please know that many cremation facilities claim to offer private cremation, but will place several animals in the cremation machine only to be separated by a barrier. This procedure does not guarantee a private cremation and will not prevent ashes from others pets from being mixed with your pet’s ashes.

We assign a stainless steel tag to all pets for private cremation and that is how we can guarantee that the pet owner is getting only the remains of his or her beloved pet. These tags have our crematory company name imprinted along with a number. This tag stays with the animal throughout the cremation process and it will be returned to the pet owner and/or veterinary clinic together with the remains. With all private cremations, the remains of the pet are weighed and this information is given to the pet owner and/or veterinary clinic.


A pet owner desiring a private cremation may use our viewing room. Pet owners may wish to witness the start of the cremation process (additional  charges applied), and with our on-site cremation unit, this will always be an acceptable part of the service. The remains of your pet will be placed in one of our standard pet urns or an urn of your choice. We offer three standard pet urns and they can be viewed in our Urns section, Rosewood Tree of Life, Rosewood Modern or Smooth Wood Urn Mahogany Finish. We also provide a large selection of urns for purchase together with Memorial Jewelry and these can be viewed in our Urns section. We also offer ceramic paw impressions (additional charges apply). Our impressions are one of a kind, each being individually prepared for your pet. Many choose to have a paw impression for memorialization of their pet. Our paw impressions can be viewed in our Urns section, too.

A certificate of cremation is provided to the pet owner. The remains can be available immediately after the cremation is completed, but in most instances, the cremation is performed within 2 - 3 business days from receiving the pet. The pet owner may pick up their pet with documentation, or it may be delivered to the veterinarian’s office.


Private viewing cremations must be made by appointment and additional charges apply

Private Cremation

Private Cremation

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